I'm Jack, and as much I love writing, I find it really difficult to define myself but I'm going to give it a go.

I'm a Welshman, I love dogs, sunshine, brunch, and I'm a textbook introvert. I lived in London for seven and a half years where I studied at the London College of Fashion, worked at some of London's best PR agencies and as a music columnist for Notion magazine as well writing freelance for a variety of titles.

They say "Do what you're good at" and "Do what you love" and writing seems to be the only thing I've ever both been good at and enjoyed, so here we are. I love to write fiction as well as writing about life experiences, fashion and film, anything that inspires me. I'm not fiercely loyal to any one genre, style, or aesthetic - but escapism and fantasy are key!

When I'm not writing you'll either find me eating, at the cinema, or trying to find a way to see the world on a budget!... I'm doing ok so far.

If there's anything else you want to know then please do not hesitate to get in touch! I'm available for freelance commissions so contact me via my many social media channels or drop me an e-mail on: hellojackmurphy@gmail.com