Adapt To Survive

So here I am again, back in Wales and working in retail. I'm still not quite in a position to be able to intern, or even move out of my parents' house, as I am yet to find a landlord willing to accept dreams and smiles as rent payment, so I'm doing what I can until my career gets back on track, and oddly, I'm enjoying it. 

Long Distance

"Missing someone gets easier each day because even though you're one day further from the last time you saw them, you're one day closer to seeing them again."

We need to talk. Look, this long distance relationship with London... it's.... it's not working. I need at least a brief conjugal visit soon. Very soon. I can't take the sleepless nights of frustration that I'm not there, I can't take my constant state of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), is it missing me as much as I'm missing it? How long til I see it again?!

Ok so I might be being slightly dramatic about all of this,


So after four years, I have left London. Due to financial reasons (or rather, a lack of finances) I have returned to south Wales as a 22 year-old graduate and am currently living with my parents again.

OBEY X Keith Haring

OBEY X Keith Haring at Urban Outfitters. I want.

Check out the promo video here.

B.I.Y. (Bleach It Yourself)

£30+ for a pair of bleached shorts?! No thank you high street shops! 

Here's my £8 Primark skinny jeans (women's size 10 ) that I cut, ripped, folded and bleached myself! Not rocket science, I know, just thought I'd share it with you guys.

Creativity in the Capital

I've just read the latest issue of Dazed & Confused which included some features on artists, designers, directors and other creative minds who reside and/or work in east London and their views on the future of the creative hub and talent breeding ground. It was interesting to read their concerns about east London becoming more and more commercialised, many of them reminiscing about the early Shoreditch/Stepney scene which has since moved further east to Dalston and parts of Hackney. Their main concern it seems is - if east London is dead - where do they go from here?

Acne A/W 2012

I've been really feeling colour this season (a rarity for me) but have been somewhat let down by the collections as most of the colour that has been seen have been in bold prints and patterns when I was hoping for plain, stark, colour blocking. Someone at Acne heard my prayers.

3.1 Phillip Lim A/W 2012

Chic, sophisticated with very subtle (yet still impactful) statements, Lim's latest offering effortlessly bridges together the smart and the casual to create a very editorial aesthetic, which in this context means, to look like an editor

Charles Guislain

This 19 year-old French photographer is fast becoming a style icon in his own right, look him up, you'll see why. 

Nicholas Kirkwood for the Keith Haring Foundation



Backstage at Jeremy Scott

Prabal Gurung A/W 2012

Tailored, tonic, oil-spill chic followed by uber glamour and goddess-like sophistication = DYING.

Images taken from the New York Fashion Week coverage courtesy of

And the rest (The remaining looks I loved from Men's Fashion Week)

Phillip Lim 

Layering, belting, knitwear and a monochromatic palette - yes, yes, yes and yes!

Henrik Vibskov 

Patterned seems to be the way forward next winter and these pants are no exception! Bordering on pyjama but with the right amount of edge to be pulled off - Yum!

Louis Vuitton

This coat/scarf/cardigan/cape/slanket/picnic blanket/snood/robe/cloak/whatever is to. die. for. I just want to jump in and wrap it around myself.

Yves Saint Laurent

Sleeveless belted-collar jacket teamed with a seamless leather T-shirt? Yes please!

 A chunky opulent black and white sweatshirt with razor blade details?  Oh go on then.  

Pictures from

Thom Browne Men's A/W 12

Ok, so we need to talk about Kevin Thom Browne's collection. The prints, the embellishments, the cuts, the fabrics - I loved it all. I want it all. Impeccably styled with prints that featured dogs, ducks, anchors and safety pins the collection also showcased studs on blazers and tailored trousers which offered a unique and austere view on preppy dressing (teamed with a gimp mask? Why not!)

Cropped shirts, knee high boots and rough, torn hems were paired with fitted dinner jackets, preppy scarves and bow ties - an unusual marriage of hot sex and high society. The overall theme that came to my mind was "Post-apocalyptic boarding school" - and I want in! 

I adored these details on the trousers, whether it be studs, spikes, anchors or all of the above, they all elegantly yet ominously adorned Browne's signature ankle-swinging-length trousers and teased the top of the leather boots.  It's interesting to me to see studs and spikes (which stereotypically make clothes heavy and rather shapeless) being used in a light, structured and almost delicate way.


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