The Manifesto of Mother Monster

Lady Gaga's music video for her already anthemic single 'Born This Way' has been released and it's a 70s sci-fi rock musical of wonder! Presenting herself as a God of a new race of being, with protruding temples, cheekbones and shoulder blades Gaga looks svelte and lean in her black bikini.

Being created, reminiscent of the Queen with a hundred heads in the movie 'Return To Oz'.

Gaga's famous for the warping of gender barriers and this video is no exception. My favourite look of the video is the Thierry Mugler inspired 'skull' face with long pink hair and a suit with powerful, strong shoulder pads, naturally.

Her last look is an almost outright homage to Madonna. The light on her face, the gap in the teeth, with all the controversy 'Born This Way' for resembling Madonna's hit 'Express Yourself' it is clear that Gaga is still playing the fame game, and eager to get people talking!

This video, quite simply, needs to be a feature length sci-fi musical.

Oscars 2011

I'm short of time so here, quite simply, is a rundown of my favourite looks from last night's Oscar ceremony.

I love how Hilary Swank (above in Gucci) can completely alter her otherwise athletic build and sometimes masculine appearance to look so elegant and glamorous and above all wonderfully feminine.

Celine Dion, fresh from the birth of her twins looked radiant in Armani Prive.

Halle Berry looking feather-light and ethereal in this beautifully embellished Marchesa number.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture. Enough said. She never steps out of line. She can do no wrong.

Another satisfying moment for me was seeing Mandy Moore (above) appear in the Monique Lhullier gown that you may remember me blogging about almost six months ago -

Footnote: Whoever are in charge of Jennifer Hudson and Scarlett Johansson... you can go right ahead and fire yourselves... Hideous.

Take A Sip

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Enjoy my sweets.

Valentine's Day 2011

This is my 20th consecutive Valentine's day alone and there have been times when I've thought that I wouldn't love again, but I know that's not the case. Some people never get over their first love, but everyone, in their own time, learns to love again. And I know I will... eventually. (It's been recently proven that I'm actually not that great at taking my own advice).

To those of you who are in love, to those of you who are happy to be single, to those of you who may have a new love on your hands and to those of you who have been broken down and shattered by love and are optimistic that another great love is right around the corner, someone who will pick you up and put you back together again, I sincerely wish you all a very happy valentine's day.

New Obsession Alert III - Jessie J

British recording artist Jessie J seems to have come from nowhere. Catapulted into success with her hit single 'Do it Like A Dude' and her with her follow up single 'Price Tag' sure to storm the UK charts this week, she even has people across the pond falling for her, with the US market notoriously hard to break, could Jessie be the UK's ambassador for new music?

Yes please.

Jessie can currently be seen gracing the cover of RWD magazine

It's not just her music that have got people talking, I have a serious style crush on this girl. Not afraid to have fun, not afraid to look feminine or masculine, her look is young, fresh but, like the attitude, still fiercely sexy. Personally I think this is down to her using many a young designer in her videos, notably some up and coming British designers, in particular my personal friend Hasan Hejazi who has dressed Diana Vickers, Paloma Faith, Marina Diamandis (of Marina and the Diamonds) not to mention HRH Kylie Minogue.

Jessie J wearing Hasan Hejazi SS11 in her video for 'Price Tag'

Another topic on everyone's lips is... well... her lips which are fast becoming somewhat of a trademark with fans the world over imitating her latest lip looks.

Whether they're spiked (as in the 'Do It Like A Dude video below)

or mirrored, as they appear in the promo pictures of her second single 'Price Tag' (below)

or even a subtle gold leaf floral detail that is set to appear on the cover of her upcoming debut album (below) 'Who You Are' released on February 28th and available to pre-order NOW.

Jessie J's future is inevitably bright, be sure to follow her and the incredibly talented Hasan Hejazi, who is set for big things in the fashion world, on Twitter at -


Jean Paul Gaultier SS11 Campaign

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and androgynista of the moment Andrej Pejic are the stars of Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Styled almost identically, the models and the campaign highlight JPG's ongoing efforts to blur lines between gender barriers. I've been a fan of Andrej's for some time and his pretty/handsome look has always interested me, he just does androgyny so well!