Clone Jett

Marios Schwab's ready to wear spring/summer 2011 collection saw models sporting the same 'do made famous by iconic rocker Joan Jett....

I'm undecided. They just remind me of old fancy dress wigs.... and Kristen Stewart.

Loved the collection though.

Ann Demeulemeester Mens A/W 11

When it comes to my personal taste, there is one designer that cannot go unmentioned - Ann Demeulemeester. She never fails to quench my thirst for to-die-for separates and an overall aesthetic that I wish I could evoke on a daily basis.

Her subtle introduction of colour into her otherwise gothic collection is refreshing, interesting and ensuring that she isn't churning out the same old collection every season. I'll let the images speak for themselves but if Ann, or any of her people are reading (and why wouldn't they be?) feel free to send me everything. I am dying over the gloves in particular, I've already planned hundreds of outfits to incorporate them with.

Thierry Mugler Men A/W 11

Just the other day my flatmate and I were discussing our utter boredom with menswear and womenswear always seems to be more progressive and exciting. I must say, this season I am highly impressed and excited by the latest collections.

Want this.

Thierry Mugler in particular seems to have surreptitiously creeped into my mind while I was sleeping and created a collection that I have been waiting for. Dark, unpredictable, a punky powerful aesthetic with still a very formal edge and with separates that I'll be swooning over for months.

Although mostly dark there were interesting accents of colour. Particularly orange, which seems to be flavour of the month, whether it be on seams or orange thumbs on gloves, I particularly like the pinky-orange panels that can be seen on shirt worn with a navy suit, and also the appearance of a men's cape.

Keeping the future bright Mugler, also showed an all-orange suit which although, not my favourite colour was impeccably cut. I also took a liking to the white pieces in the collections and was overall impressed with how such bright looks seemed to flow seamlessly along with the rest of the collection.

Vivienne Westwood Mens A/W 11

Men's fashion week is well under way but I couldn't help but quickly blog about Vivienne Westwood latest menswear collection. The draped, flowing, soft tailoring and the potato sack belting of the high-waisted trousers (which I pointed out as a future trend not so long ago - fashion snaps for me) has been effortlessly intertwined with a subtle sportswear theme that seems to be appearing increasingly as of late. on runways

The turtle neck made another appearance in a menswear show and a wide, long leg seems to be the cut and fit of the season. I will forever be faithful to my blood-clottingly-skinny jeans but I do however like the trousers I'm seeing on runways lately. Baggy, wide, drop-crotch, harem whatever, there's something almost smart-casual about them (depending on the fabric of course) and not to mention, they look insanely comfortable.

These trousers (above) for example, I simply need....

...along with this entire outfit (above).

We're also seeing a lot of orange in menswear, numerous designers have been seen to be using flashes of orange in their collections, or in Dame Vivienne's case, entire outfits.

Also, no stranger to controversy, Westwood agreed to have one model walk the runway smoking a cigar. I'm sure plenty of anti-smoking campaigners will have a lot to say about that.... yawn.

Mourning Jacket

I'm currently mourning the loss of a leather jacket of mine which I wore on almost a daily basis. In a drunken state I thought it was perfectly acceptable to leave said jacket on the night bus home. Some other (perhaps slightly more sober) passenger got very lucky that night.
In any case, new year, new leather jacket and so the search for a new one begins!

Any tips?

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

Daphne Guiness walking the runway.

Possibly one of the best collections I have seen in a long time. Tom Ford is a genius and this collection is elegant, glamorous and not obviously sexy but casually alluring. A huge variety of fabrics, textures and cuts (and of course the media hype) has made this one of the most enjoyable collections to view. The show was intimate, fun, everything I think fashion should be. An eclectic mix of models and celebrities graced the runway and laughed and smiled and twirled. It just made everyone wish they were there.

You can view the show here: (Note sole photographer Terry Richardson and Beyoncé and Julianne Moore also gracing the runway.)

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011 everyone! I sincerely hope you've all had a lovely holiday season and that this year will be sufficiently better than the last.

My main new year's resolution was going to be to forget that the past 12 months had even happened, but it's useless even trying. On reflection I wish to take last year and learn from it, from all of my mistakes and from other people's mistakes and not to focus on the negativity in my life but to celebrate what's positive about it to ensure that 2011 is well... fucking fantastic. Along with getting a decent job and bettering my physique, changing my way of thinking and overall outlook on life is definitely something I'm going to concentrate on this year. I put too much pressure on myself, I worry too much. I complain about being stressed but I'm often the one that's making me so stressed! I'm 20 years-old and I often think like a middle-aged man. I'm going take someone's advice and stop taking things so seriously, stop thinking so much and take a big fat dose of optimism... and then maybe happiness will find me.... and you!

What are your resolutions?